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Business Loans Direct offers alternative means for funding your business. With Business Loans Direct, you’ll avoid the headache and hassle of acquiring loans through traditional banks and financial institutes as our process is quick and simple. With our easy application and approval methods, you’ll receive the funds you need in as few as 72 hours-- even with a poor credit history.

The process of receiving funds with Business Loans Direct is much simpler and quicker than when dealing with banks and financial institutions. Our free application and approval terms are easy to complete. We don’t require your business plan or any personal collateral in order to approve your application. Even with a poor credit history, we can still provide funds for your business needs. Plus, we don’t report to credit agencies, so your income and debt ratio aren’t altered.

Upon approval, you’ll receive the funds you need in as little as 72 hours. You’re then free to use the funds as you see fit, with no strings attached. Our customizable repayment plans offer flexibility and are an affordable options with simple terms. As there’s no personal collateral required, your assets are protected.

Additional benefits to working with Business Loans Direct include:

  • Free application process
  • Quick application approval
  • Rapid release of funds
  • Funding with poor credit
  • No reporting to credit agencies
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • No personal guarantee


No matter if your business is going through hard times, looking to expand or you just need cash now, Business Loans Direct can help.

What Our Clients Say

  • Kari H.
  • Restaurant Owner

"Just a quick note to say thank you Business Loans Direct for saving my restaurant. My small restaurant does well; however, when a key piece of equipment broke in the kitchen, the vitality of my restaurant depended on getting it replaced quickly, but I didn’t have the financial means on hand. With their restaurant financing, I was quickly approved and had the money I needed right away, so it was back to business as usual. Thank you again."


How do I qualify for a Cash Advance/Business Loan?

You need to own a business that has been in opperation for more than 3 months. You will need to fill out a preapproval application and submit all of the documents in full from the checklist provided by your Loan Officer

How does this Cash Advance/Business Loan Work?

There are a few different loan products we offer here at MiCamp Capital Lending. The first is a Cash Advance, which is based off of your Credit Card Receivables. We are able to lend up to 130% of a business’s AVERAGE monthly credit card receivables volume. The second is a Business Loan, which is for clients who want to borrow more than just their credit card receivables and want their other revenues, such as Cash & Check, to be accounted for as well, or for our clients who simply DO NOT take Credit Cards as a form of receivables from their customers. For those businesses that DO NOT take credit cards, we have a Loan Product that benefits you as well.

What is the Cash Advance/Business Loan based on?

The Cash Advance/Business Loan is based on several different “Factors” of the business, which each Lender’s underwriting team will take into account when putting together a Loan Offer or Proposal for you. A few of the “Factors” considered include: the Type of business, length of time in business, banking behaviors, receivables (credit cards, cash, checks), and Tax standing (Liens, etc). These “Factors” will be taken into account when computing the potential loan’s overall risk and will ultimately be base of the Cash Advance/Business Loan.

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