Top Financial Advice for Restaurant Owners

Top Financial Advice for Restaurant Owners

Opening a new restaurant can be an exciting time for new beginnings, or it can be an overwhelming challenge to keep your doors open due to costly financial mistakes. With 23 percent of restaurants failing within the first year according to Restaurant Startup & Growth, it’s essential you keep your finances in order from the very beginning. Business Loans Direct is here to help you do just that with the best financial advice for new restaurant owners.

Cost of Food
With the rising cost of food, restaurants often run on thin profit margins due to high expenses. When labor and food costs begin to exceed over 70 percent, a restaurant can quickly begin to sink. But, with proactive management, you’re able to reduce expenses by maintaining low waste, portion control, staff scheduling, and cross-training to maintain steady profits.

Maintain Financial Reports
Financial reports work very well when the proper accounting methods are used and owners take the time to actually review them. By reviewing your financial reports, you’ll stay on top of your restaurant’s financial health by tracking unexplained losses, portion costs, bank balances, staff analysis, and more.

You’re Running a Business
Too often restaurant owners only view their restaurant as just that…a restaurant. But, you’re actually running a business that requires operational tasks. It’s common for restaurant owners to become too personally attached, which is why you must maintain the business viewpoint to separate yourself from the daily operations. The more dependent your restaurant becomes on you and you on it, the higher the chance of failure becomes.

Effective Operating System
Your operating systems need to work for you, not against you. Choose operating systems that simplify managing your restaurant. You’re able to find systems that not only handle your transactions, but manage inventory, staff scheduling, and more. It’s a lot easier to maintain a restaurant if it’s supported by an efficient operating system.

Although it’s important to be apart of your restaurant as the owner, sometimes you need to take a step back and view it from a business standpoint. By doing so, you’re more likely to make smarter financial decisions that won’t hurt you down the road.

If you’re already facing financial trouble, Business Loans Direct is here to help you climb out of the hole and start fresh with your best foot forward.

Alyssa Ast

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