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Restaurants are expensive! We know it can be quite challenging as a restaurant owner to keep your business fully stocked, purchase essential supplies and maintain employees payrolls. We also understand the price for restaurant sales and marketing quickly adds up, as well as the cost to purchase and maintain your restaurant's equipment.

Whether you are experiencing unforeseen expenses, feel it is time to expand or just need a little bit of financial help to move forward in your restaurant, can provide the restaurant loan that you need to continue and succeed.

You could seek a restaurant loan through a traditional financial institution including banks and credit unions, but that can be a huge challenge in itself, and you would have to wait weeks for the funds to arrive. We offer an alternative solution for restaurant financing when compared to the more traditional banks and credit unions. We provide a simple online application process and fast loan approvals, so you will have the funds in your hands in as few as 72 hours. No lengthy applications. No searching for personal data and history. No strict requirements. provides quick restaurant funding, even if you have poor credit history. Your personal assets and debt to income ratio will be protected as we require no personal collateral and do not report to credit agencies. Instead of focusing on rigorous credit scores, we take other factors into consideration such as restaurant credit card sales, bank deposit history and tax standings.

We will fund as much or as little as you need for your restaurant, releasing funds to you in as few as 72 hours to allow you to handle your restaurant expenses immediately. The maximum amount that can be borrowed on our restaurant loans is usually $250,000 per restaurant location; however, this is also a case-by-case scenario. If a restaurant can support a loan of that size and even possibly more, we do have the ability to entertain those loan options as well.

After you receive and use your financing with, you can repay the funds with our flexible repayment options and terms catered to your individual needs and convenience. Each of our restaurant loans have their own set of unique terms and conditions for repayment including the length of the loan, repayment amount and interest rates. We offer restaurant owners flexible payment options for hassle-free repayment. There are also no set fees or monthly payments with When working out the details of your restaurant loan, our experienced loan counselors will provide you with several loan offers that have different rates and factors, so you can determine what works best for you and your restaurant.

With our alternative restaurant business loans, you are completely in control of your funds. We never ask for a business plan or details of the upcoming expenses. You are the restaurant owner so you can do whatever you see fit with your new funds. We call it a no strings attached loan. Updated kitchen? Advertising budget? Community event? Additional staff? New menus? Use your new financing for whatever your restaurant needs to grow and increase revenue.

Whether you have a large or small restaurant, new or opened long-term, your restaurant location can benefit from restaurant funding with Our simple restaurant funding options with features including:

  • Easy application process
  • Fast application approvals
  • Release of funds in 72 hours
  • No reporting to credit agencies
  • Affordable repayment terms and conditions
  • No personal collateral required

Avoid the tedious traditional loan process and choose financing through Contact us today so we can help with your financial needs.

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