Loan eligibility criteria can vary widely depending on the type of loan you’re applying for. Here are a few highlights.


1. Credit Score

Your personal FICO is part of the process to evaluate your creditworthiness. If your business has been in operation for 5 years, we can also consider a corporate-only guarantee.  A higher credit score generally increases your chances of being approved for a loan and may lead to more favorable terms.

2. Income and Employment

We are always interested in the ability of a borrower to service the loan we provide. We have to confirm that your business has a stable top-line revenue to make all loan payments on time. We use tax returns, financials, and bank statements to verify the company’s financial health.

3. Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI)

The DTI ratio is the percentage of your monthly income for paying debts. In a business, the cash flow of the company is evaluated. We use these calculations to assess your ability to manage additional debt and we are usually generous in this process.

4. Collateral

Secured loans, such as real estate, bridge loans, flip & rehab loans, or lines of credit are usually collateralized with real property. We will consider land, resorts, commercial office buildings, warehouse buildings, retail property, and any titled piece of property.

5. Loan Amount and Purpose

The loan amount and purpose can influence eligibility. Some loans have specific requirements based on their intended use (e.g., business loans for business purposes, bridge loans with an expected event at the end of the term, etc.)

6. Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio

For certain loans, like commercial loans, we consider the LTV ratio, which is the ratio of the loan amount to the value of the purchased asset. A lower LTV ratio is generally more favorable.

7. Citizenship or Residency Status

We require borrowers to be citizens or legal residents of the USA.

8. Loan History

We look closely at how any business has managed previous loans. A steady repayment history is always favorable. If there is ever a time when payments are missed we are open to discussing the issue and working with you regardless.

9. Loan Program Specifics

Different loan programs each have their own eligibility criteria. These programs may offer more flexible requirements based on specific qualifications.

It’s important to note that eligibility criteria can differ between our loan products. It’s best for you to contact us, submit your information, and then allow us to find the perfect loan for your intended purpose. Before applying for a loan, make sure your financial presentation is complete which will improve your chances of approval.